The Ramble is a vision for redevelopment of the Broad Creek waterfront. Originally, it began as an effort to protect water quality in the creek, which flows to the Nanticoke River and eventually to the Chesapeake Bay.

Volunteers build the boat ramp that is part of The Ramble project.

Town leaders and citizens developed a vision for the waterfront that includes a village green, shops, waterfront cottages, a kayak launch, a nature-based playground and a wetlands education area. An outfitters to serve paddlers and other outdoor enthusiasts would complement the plan.

Because it is a sustainable development plan, the Ramble has attracted funding to conduct an environmental assessment and develop plans for green infrastructure that will use natural features and limit polluted runoff into the creek.

Volunteers from the Nanticoke Rotary built the kayak launch, and the nature park has been planned down to individual pieces of equipment; advocates are seeking funding to build it.

The LRC embraces the project and is actively seeking the acquisition of key properties and investment ideas.