Through the judicious use of development grants and retained rental earnings, the LRC in the mid-90s began purchasing properties in the Broad Creek floodplain, for the two-fold process of eventually making a contiguous public creek-side park and investing in development on the higher borderland along the flood plain.

Construction of Laureltown

The properties consisted of 1) under- used vacant land, 2) empty, abandoned commercial sites, or 3) dilapidated century-old residences that were flooded every few years. A small commercial park, Laureltown, was planned for the block on the east side of the Delaware Avenue “Big Hill,” with the project oriented to the north facing the creek side park now known as Janosik Park.

Over several years, four generic-use commercial/office buildings were completed These buildings hold 10-12 of the 17-20 total LRC Business Incubation young startups and small businesses. All net rentals from these businesses are used in financial new LRC economic and community betterment projects.

This entire project addressed severe runoff problems comprehensively with retaining walls, retention ponds, plantings, building/sidewalk/parking/street buildup and layout, and water/sewer improvements. The LRC has coordinated and consulted with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control on all floodplain projects for the past 20 years.