LRC launches new website

The Laurel Redevelopment Corporation has launched a new website to more effectively feature LRC projects and accomplishments.

This new website, designed by Lee Ann Walling of Cedar Creek Sustainable Planning Services, was designed to be more reader-friendly and visual. It includes photos and descriptions of LRC projects and will post relevant news of coming events and meetings in Laurel. Interested readers can find a detailed history of the LRC’s work in Laurel, biographies of LRC board members, and a listing of the tenants who occupy LRC properties. From time to time, videos will feature LRC tenants and initiatives.

Property owners within Laurel’s Downtown Development District can learn more about the state and local incentives provided to investors in residential and commercial properties.

“We believe this website effectively tells the story of the Laurel Redevelopment Corporation and what it has meant and still signifies for economic development in Laurel,” said Brian Shannon, executive director of the LRC.

Lee Ann Walling is a nationally certified planner who has been working with the town on its Downtown Development District designation and comprehensive plan. She is also a certified web and graphics designer.

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